The Doc's BlockBusters

You will laugh, you will cry, but you will never be the same again after watching The Doc's BlockBusters. Mind you I am not Amurikin so I have no idea what a BlockBuster [herein "BB"] might be, but as they say in the Classics "give it a shot Nigel".

My first BB is about American Beauty, and explains why one should never pick/pluck dem roses, and especially not take them inside and put them in vases [or Mason Jars under the sink either].

To do so is to invite Full Metal Jacket American Beauty

This package also includes [at no extra cost] Limited Edition CSI footage of a forensic investigation [in association with Colt & Luger] to discover just why Lester would want to commit suicide. Beats the crap outa me.

Then there is the epic tale in the footsteps of Steve Irwin of The Men from Daintree River

Moving right along we have Almost Famous DETOX where Tiny Dancer is replaced with the Beatles conciliation song "We Can Work it Out" with some help from the Loaded Weapon team, incl the Beaver.

Finally, for now, we see Almost Famous REDUX with Zeppelin dubbed over all the nasty words said in haste, with some Life of Brian, Python stuff in there to show what really happened to Buddy Holly. And next time yo all fasten those seat belts and set them tray tables in upright position, and extinguish your mouths.

OK, I got the thumbs back the front, shit happens.