The Napalm in the Morning JukeBox

Your Choice

Francis Ford Coppola made a fantastic movie in 1979 about the "Amurikan War" in Vietnam [though never declared].

The movie is about a "nice to kiddies" Colonel named Kurtz who "declared war on Napalm", but because that was no good for TV ratings The Amurikin Govt declared war on HIM.

But along the way to "Terminate Kurtz, with Extreme Prejudice" we see a "good Colonel" [according to the Amurikin Govt and Umerican people via TV ratings and Ballot Boxes] blowing up whole villages with lots of nice little kiddies, in order to "get to the surf on time", and he uses Wagner to "scare the shit out of the slopes".

But you may prefer other ditties for your "Hail Bombing" so here is a JukeBox with 16 top Napalm favourites.

But as Kilgore says "Big Duke Six to Eagle Thrust - put on PschWar Ops, make it loud, to a Romeo Foxtrot, shall we dance?"