Every Australian Bloke or Gal who did the obligatory "Big Tour" of Europe in their youth was expected to do & see certain things or not be allowed to return to Oz it would seem.

For sure a trip on the Thames to trace the adventures of "Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K Jerome [from memory] was not up top of the list of obligatory things to be done, but do it we did.

The scene was Mum in Law [as she then was] had come over to London from Oz to see our newly born son, and we were all Gung Ho to do lots of touring while she was in town.

For better or worse we decided to do a Thames Trip and it seems the only rental boat remaining on the whole river was Maid Mary Helga, and the fact that she had no steering probably explained why she remained for rental by us Bunnies.

But we took the challenge and here is the story. For sure this trip lives in my memory as one of those Purple Patches one looks back upon with the fondest of memories [even with The Outlaw on board, may she RIP since departing in 1992].

No whales or dolphins were either sighted or harmed in the making of this Epic. This is a "The Doctor Production" and all rights are inc and all incs are rights.