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Please let us know of any thoughts, suggestions or help.

But please be aware of this reply by E Annie Proulx in "The Paris Review, ANNIE PROULX, The Art of Fiction No. 199, Interviewed by Christopher Cox, Issue 188, Spring 2009".

"Oh, yeah. In Wyoming they wonít read it. A large section of the population is still outraged. But thatís not where the problem was. Iím used to that response from people here, who generally do not like the way I write. But the problem has come since the film. So many people have completely misunderstood the story."

Well, on the other hand, "money talks" and seems a resort such as this would make heaps. Annie went on to say "People saw it as a story about two cowboys. It was never about two cowboys." Yes indeed THIS is about skiing and hiking folks, so let's hear from you on that.