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The purpose of this site is to state "the bleedin' obvious" that the story "Brokeback Mountain" was composed (as "Wyoming Stories") by E Annie Proulx, IN Wyoming, ABOUT Wyoming and that, as such, Brokies should be able to "consummate" their love of the story IN Wyoming.

Now none of the above is intended to detract from the visual mastery Ang Lee gave us from a multitude of locations in Canada, it's just that it would be "very nice" to have an "ACTUAL COMPACT LOCATION" (and IN Wyoming). After all, if such locations were NOT available in Wyoming (and you will see below we HAVE found them), then surely E Annie Proulx would never have put pen to paper regarding such events in the first place.

Get the picture?


The first clue from Annie was there was no place called Signal but there was a Signal Mountain. Further exploration of that area revealed a "Brokeback" (but not named as anything) as Eastern end of Mount Moran, and that the tiny place perhaps called Moran Town should be Signal. Be all that as it may, we went ahead with such assumptions and the whole thing fell together.


It seemed to us that, having discovered such a beautiful location [via GoogleEarth], that it would be most fitting to "develop it" [but without interfering with its pristine eco-systems, eg no whiskey springs] into a "day tripper" [no accommodation] Ski Resort, with hiking possibilities for summer, so that Brokies from around the world can "pay tribute" to the Brokeback Legend that has already developed, and is not going to go away.

So before going into mundane logistics of an actual development, please take the Quad Chair Lift to the Top of Brokeback and ski down the Woolies Way trail to the Base. Astute Brokies will notice that this trail essentially follows the path the boys took twice a day to "sleep with the sheep" in the top video.


Please click your way through this Album [via JAlbum Photostack skin], reading captions under. It is essentially self explanatory but we will mention a few aspects underneath.

As seen, the Internationally famous Jackson Hole Ski Resort is very close and has a large airport with flights to most points in America, and towns such as Jackson provide accommodation, restaurants etc. Road access is also good albeit, as Jack remarked, the distances can be long and as Ennis said, you need to watch those bends.

The proposed Brokeback Resort would appear to have "the best of both worlds" ski wise with gentle "Family Runs" at the base and a good choice of Intermediate and Expert runs from the Top Station. Of course the lifts shown are merely a "getting started suggestion" based upon our own observations of how engineers design ski resorts at various resorts around the world.

There is in fact a similar "day tripper" resort in the "Jackson 4" [nuthin' to do with Jackson 5 - lol] which is Targhee Resort. It is actually on the Western side of the Tetons and twice the distance from Jackson, compared to the proposed Brokeback Resort, and it requires driving over a pass at 2400 metres to get there, so might be blocked off from Jackson side "just when that big dump happens".

An added advantage is the fact the Base Station for the proposed Brokeback Resort is some 200 metres higher than [for example] Teton Village at Jackson Hole. Please observe below that in this pano [maybe taken in April?] the season would obviously have ended at Jackson Hole [Teton Village] slopes, whereas even Alma's Delight Family Area seems to have skiable snow at the proposed Brokeback Resort.

While Targhee [at 2400metres Base] might also still have snow at such time, a new Resort at Brokeback would help to extend the season for the whole Jackson area, AND with longer sunny days to boot. Might even get Laureen [and even Alma?] to do some of that bikini skiing we have in Spring at our own Australian resorts, or just relaxing at lunch with some fine Chilli del Mar, washed down with a bottle of Moosehead [like we can't totally exclude the Canadians].

As all over 45 skiers know, one needs to stop every hundred yards or so to stretch out those aching quads [and take a look around], and even from the GoogleEarth shots it would appear that the vista to the lakes below this proposed location would be second to none in the world, as long as you don't fall in that is - lol.

So we repeat that the proposed site for the Brokeback Resort seems to have all Strengths and Opportunities and no Threats and Weaknesses, when doing the requisite Marketing SWOT Analysis.

Finally, the mind boggles at the Opportunities to develop a "Gemutlikeit" facility at the "Kiosk" location with all sorts of Brokie Memorabilia. Jake has already volunteered to open and cook cans of [Old Man Twist grown] Fava Beans served with a lite Frascati to revive tired skiers.


This site is purely "whiskey stream" stuff, BUT is deadly serious because THERE IS NO REASON IN THE WORLD we can see [having done the SWOT Analysis as well as the WIFMs] that it should not happen. That is to say it is Marketing and not Sales and as we know "Marketing sows the seeds, Sales reaps the harvest" and if there ever WAS a thing done really well by "American Beauty" it is sales.

So the Entrepreneurial aspects are left up to you Brokies, but by all means let us know your thoughts above at "Gosh this Sounds Great" - [scroll back to Top and go to Menu, or just click below].

New for 2012

I was just watching the final camping trip of the boys "by the lake" where they were discussing various aspects of holidays in Mexico, maybe joining Andy down in Zihuatanejo doing a spot of fishing [although Ennis is not too keen on fishing according to his ex wife].

Then just as Jack spread his arms and turned to proclaim certain aspects of Brokeback Mountain, the penny dropped that I HAD in fact found the correct location for Brokeback as set out above. When I say "correct", the sequence was that Ang's crew took lots of shots of "Brokeback Country" in Wyoming, then sought out similar places in Canada. So by saying I found the correct place I am saying the place in Canada that best matched a photo of my own Brokeback.

But before that, let's look at the logistics of touring down to El Paso and "Over the Border Down Mexico Way". Here are 3 maps to show the various trips.

Back to the Brokeback location, here is a still from the movie and if you cast your eye just to the right of Ennis's neck, that is the pup tent location.

So by repeating the GoogleEarth view below, from a different point, we see that their campsite by the lake was in fact on the very route they took with the woolies on their first day together, and maybe a stone throw from where Ennis had discussions with a bear.

The land in the foreground is the aptly named Mystic Isle [on Leigh Lake]

As seen above, this is on the route of the proposed connection road to the Resort, so maybe a "lay by" could be positioned here beside the road where Brokies could stop to reflect on just what Jack meant by "I wish I knew how to quit you".

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