Update of Cost of Children Studies

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The Update

Various methods of updating studies are presently in use. Lovering is done to the CPI and Lee to the Average Weekly Wage indexation. It is not known how the UNSW study will be updated.

However because of the simplicity and accuracy of the Hogan study, it simply remains to reprice the exact same "trolley of goods and services".

This 6 hour exercise has just been completed in Cairns (but still using Woolworths for the supermarket content). The time lapse is about 5.5 years since the original study.

The results are not intended to be definitive but rather to suggest a methodology for future use of the method. The result showed an overall increase of 0.95% over 5 years. Bearing in mind that many goods are some 5% to 10% more in Cairns (compared to Sydney) because of freight, it is quite possible that there has been a fall in the cost of children over the last 5 years. Bread products as an example decreased by 40%.

Also this assertion has been received by most people asked as being "as expected".

You are invited to comment on these findings.

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