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Dear Warren,

Thank you for your Xmas 2002 issue of "News from Leichhardt", which I received free of charge inside the Cairns Sun. I note that there is no mention of CSA/Family Law "matters" (on either side of the fence), which is good to see, as long as it means these problems have been solved, from a government point of view.

My work load does not suggest that at all, merely that people are now better educated in these matters and save their breath for the court. I note that Relationships Australia got a slice of the lousy $16.5 million for "Men's Health", in addition to their slice of the $2.3 billion per annum for "Women's Health", or rather funds to assist Power Mongering Feminists (herein PMF) to victimise men, and fathers in particular. I note at page 2 that RA have set up a Gulag on Gatton where fathers and kids on "contact" can be supervised at $50 per hour by PMFs, to make sure they don't do anti feminist nasties like fishing and camping (or even go to McDonalds).

I did however get a Xmas "acknowledgment" from Centrelink/Centrecare. They have bounced me off the Newstart Allowance, as a volunteer worker for the dole, via Child Support Advocacy Group. It seems amazing, knowing I am the author of "Dirty Tricks by Lawyers/CSA", that they tried CSA Trick 1,734(b) which is to send a letter advising of a meeting the week before. When I rang the PMF and explained "I know that one", she then said I was being bounced because I was doing 70 hours a week volunteer work and their "rules" say at least 16 hours a week. So as best I can decipher this PMF burble, my sin is I am doing too much!!!!

So it is obvious, to a fair minded person, that there is more to this bouncing than meets the eye (or nose). It smells very much like an order has come from high up to get rid of me, so I scour my brain to do a Lawrence of Amnesia task of remembering my sins, ie what could it have been? Or to ask the new question by Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now Redux, "what does it smell like to you Warren?"

Firstly, could it simply be the fact that I know all 7,492 Dirty Tricks by Lawyers/CSA. Could it have been that?

Secondly, could it have been my analysis of the CSA analysis of CSA "Facts and Figures" at my web site www.ozemail.com.au/~divorce/revenge1.htm. This was the entry called "Lies, statistics and the CSA" where simply by setting aside the creative accounting lies of the CSA at their web site, the horrible truth is revealed that the average kid gets only $31.88 per week in child support in 2000 (less than half of the pre CSA amount) and that if one includes the cost of those payers forced onto the dole by the CSA, the cost to John Doe of keeping the CSA is $6 billion per annum.

Now it seems most likely that could have been the reason because as I look at the CSA www today, the "Facts & Figures" analysis/lies for both periods have been removed from the CSA site. But on the other hand I can not believe that Amanda Vanstone would bite the hand that feeds her. You will remember we had a meeting in your office with John Fahey about 4 years ago and I produced some print-outs from my "~divorce" site. Well, that was the same site to which I have just added the CSA analysis hereabove, and is the site where I have slavishly provided the bullets to get Amanda back off the back bench and heading for PM, instead of the one what smirks.

Back then Amanda had no idea and had just shot herself in the foot with the Wright Family debacle. I had coached her out of that, through the Scasie years, her Cooktown triumph and back to the cabinet. It was me that convinced her that "I just added a couple of kids" was the dead wrong answer. The correct answer, as per Lawrence of Amnesia, is "Sir, I am not aware of any non biological addition to the Wright family, nor would I be presently disposed to discuss such addition if it did exist, Sir - get real!!!!". So could it have been that?

Thirdly, could it have been my advice to you that "a well known Cairns solicitor" was trying to "order" my client Bob Lloyd to sell his commercial fishing boat to a suspicious Indonesian person, and probably a people smuggler? The letter was written (just) post 11 September 2001 and Tampa events, but pre Bali. As you know I hate the living guts of lawyers, for good reason. However my notification of these suspicious actions was not because of malice but because of the very same matters to be contained in a letter/advert to all in Oz from the PM and costing $15 million apparently (according to news tonight).

As Ruddick said about a month ago, those in London in the 1970s will remember the "mandatory" rules of reporting anything suspicious. I was there during most of the 1970s and the reporting of the Lloyd case was for just such a purpose, ie the fact that the solicitor was a "boat chaser" stood out like dog's balls, but I was also cautioning as to terrorists links in such activities. My letter concluded as:

In conclusion, I am not looking for any assistance in the family law matters. Mr Lloyd is now safe as it will be a cakewalk to eat Mr Newman for breakfast (as they say in the industry). Neither am I suggesting Messes Newman, Wong or Vadarlis are consciously involved in terrorism. I am, simply by my duty as an Australian citizen, strongly counselling however as to the "fishiness" of the coincidental matters hereabove. And of course nobody is to know if some of such potential refugees might be terrorists.

Of course I realise any action whatsoever as a result of my letter would be classified, even to the extent of whether or not you passed my letter on to Williams, Ruddick and Downer etc, but I will assume you did. Events like Bali change the definition of political correctness and obviously pre Bali it was heresy to dob in a lawyer, especially as the PM (and most MPs) is not only a lawyer but loves lawyers more than cricket. Post Bali even lawyers are fair game - so my advice was simply "pre-emptive", to use the PC word of the moment, and very much on the money, based on post Bali "heightened alert strikes", and the winning election slogan of "I will decide who comes into Australia".

Could it have been that my below mentioned 2 years of useless incarceration as a Nasho (without "rehabilitation") did have one single educational use, ie my pre Bali pre-emptive ability to sniff out a parasite's motives at 50 paces?

So I am in an invidious situation here that I have dobbed in an obvious people smuggling rort but I am not to know any details at all of any ensuing events, including any necessary covers-up. I note that from the day I wrote the letter, there was not one further call from Mr Lloyd (who was a co-signatory on the letter, albeit he had not a clue what was going down). Given that he formerly had phoned me almost hourly, this situation makes me feel totally perplexed as to my personal security (quite apart from the subject matter of my financial security). So could it have been that?

Fourthly, to follow on from thirdly, could it have been the already (in 1999) attempt on my life (or rather the fact I survived). In a joint "sting" between the Cairns and Toowoomba branches of the DV services, PMFs used taxpayer funds to transport and house the Withers family next to me in Cairns. It was said the removal from Toowoomba was to avoid a "DV situation" there (so why transform it to Cairns?).

Wade Withers came over to "greet me" with a meat cleaver, but fortunately I had my golf clubs handy. The local cops said it was not violence because I was not part of the family and so it was not domestic violence (seemingly inferring all violence is domestic?). I asked about attempted murder but cop shook his head, saying "it don't work like that". So I asked same question to Bob Atkinson, recently promoted from Cairns to Police Commissioner in Brisbane and Wade was very quickly put in the clink for 18 months, on attempted murder conviction. It seems the Commissioner ordered the cops to apologise for the "mistake" and in doing so they confirmed to me that the Withers family was then transported at taxpayer expense back to Toowoomba.

The absurdity of the two relocations by the PMFs (ie sending the family back to the place said to be unsafe) only convinces me further that the real purpose was to kill me. I then discovered that the same people smuggling solicitors in Lloyd case act as "agents" for the flat next to me where the Withers came to stay. This is all very disturbing to me, especially as Wade is now out of the clink, so could it have been that?

Fifthly, to continue the Gulag on Gatton scenario, could it have been because of my advocacy in the Roland (Dornonville De La Cour) case. This was a "standard track" false sexual interference trumped up by local PMFs to cover up diagnosis by expert shrink that mum was Munchausen by Proxy, ie harming the boy to attract attention to herself. The Cairns Legal Aid Triumvirate (which included the lawyers in Lloyd case) swung into action at a cost of about $100,000 to J Doe and Roland was stuck with only one hour per week supervised contact for about 3 years.

Finally it was a letter I wrote to Chief Justice Nicholson himself that attracted his Honour back (again) to Cairns to finally remove the word supervised from the orders. The backwash was that the PMF organisation which "organised" the false accusations (Rape Crisis or something) lost its (State) funding and Legal Aid rorting dropped some $200,000 from the Triumvirate alone the following year. In fact my very latest client (a lady) tells me the Lloyd case lawyers no longer do Legal Aid work. Wonder why? But that's only (taxpayer) money - the main thing is Roland and Leon can now spend their weekends camping and fishing, rather than at the Gulag. In essence, with this false sexual allegation rort now exposed and busted in Cairns with the help of my good friend the Chief Justice, there is no need for so called supervised contact. So could it have been that?

Sixthly, could it have been my victory in front of Chief Federal Magistrate Di Bryant herself in W and C [2002] FMCA fam 166. In that case we exposed one of the nasty illegal tricks of the CSRegistrar. Bryant CFM agreed and so ordered. However the CSRegistrar then told Bryant where to "put" her order so the CSRegistrar is now up for contempt of court. Hang on to your seatbelts, this could be a big one, with the movie rights already under way with Cate Blanchette as Di, Madonna as the CSRegistrar, Russel Crowe as the Marshal of the Court, riding Topper as Topper. So could it have been that?

Seventhly, could it have been my email to Danna Vale (and the RSL) complaining of the totally inappropriate use of the word "ANZAC" by solicitor Joe Goldstein (and former judge?) referring to "his little mate" the well known Sydney solicitor John Marsden, featured as "The Dark Side" on Channel 7 (and in the courts). To return to your Newsletter, I note that under the Gulag picture on page 2 there is the article "National Servicemen Commemorated", whereby I can now get a medal for my time in the Nashos (and I thank you for not using the word "veterans").

However while I have the greatest respect for the ANZAC spirit/word, conscripting (one in every nine) young men for a war in Vietnam, which the Army was totally able to handle without conscripts, was a complete farce, especially for young graduates like me, who had no place to go in the Army. But the ultimate slap in the face was the so called "repatriation grant" to help Nashos back into the workforce (or to start in my case). I was told I could not get any "assistance" to make up for those wasted years and income loss, because I was "already qualified". Then I asked "what about an engineering textbook, at but $32 to facilitate my repatriation?" But I was told repatriation does not cover textbooks for self study, it had to be an approved course.

Now this smells familiar to me, and for all I know it could have been the same PMF in training back in 1969 who has now bumped me off Newstart. How does it smell to you Warren? So while I have no feelings of pride for my time in that ridiculous discriminatory incarceration, I will now need every cent I can get without Newstart, and I guess the medal would fetch a few bob at Rusty's Market. So just send the medal and cut the crap of the false commemoration by "the errand boys, sent by grocery clerks, to collect the bill". So could it have been that?

As an interesting aside, to prove the above points, my latest addition to my website is "Freud Slips over in Family Law Court". It is a comment about a case in Melbourne in the FMS (AP and ENP [2002] FMCA fam 16), where a Vietnam War "veteran" (as we now call it to lick American arses as Mark Latham so eloquently puts it) is being done over in a "standard track" property case. The flewsy (who the bloke saved from the Yellow Peril) writing up the case has never heard of the Vietnam War and calls the bloke a "Victorian War Veteran". By the way, the mistake was corrected the very day after I posted my article!!! So does that infer the PM will send the CSA to Iraq, as per my latest advice at my site?

So much for the medal being as you say "a tangible symbol of the appreciation I believe we all, as Australians, would like to express to those who played a very important part in our history". Most of those in the Pru Goward PMF camp have never even heard of the lousy war. To top it off for this poor bastard, even his "We Were Soldiers" type Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Pension was fair game in the court.

There are many more "could it be?" questions, I will not even start to mention them but, oh yeah, while speaking of the ghastly treatment of our soldiers over the years, how could I forget, eighthly, the despicable act of the PMF Qld CSRegistrar Angela Tillmanns against our troops in East Timor, and subsequently her cover up of the whole affair by interception of the letter we sent to the troops to tell them of their rights under your new amendments of 1999, ie because they have no taxable income while in East Timor, they can simply seek an Estimate under section 60, to pay only $5 per week (if they wish). Surely it could have been that?

But having remembered that, I am afraid I will need to go to one more page because I have now looked at the letters from 1999 and come to two frightening conclusions. Conclusion #1 is that because of my stupidity in first writing to Tillmanns rather than simply to Bob in E Timor, Tillmanns was able to tip off ASIO (who whoever) to intercept my letter to Bob, per:

Dear Bob,

I hear you are in East Timor and I hope all is well with you. As you can see I am now Child Support Solutions together with a partner. This last week I have been trying to find the official direction of the "Gummt" on CSA for blokes in ET.

The silence is deafening. It seems from info from a bloke in Canberra from FIND that soldiers are being told that as they get an extra $125 a day in ET it is best to say nothing about CS (ie just keep paying) otherwise the CS might increase. What culpable bullshit. As far as I can see, correctly done, CSA payers should pay absolutely nothing, at least as a Stage 2 without a departure in force.

I would be interested in exploring this issue further with CSA victims in East Timor

So that means I actually have an ASIO file with that letter in it. To paraphrase the words of Kay J in Kness & Kness, "without in any way trying to tell ASIO how to do its business", would their time not have been better spent checking JI letters, emails etc before Bali than acting as errand boys for (arguably) illegal actions by CSA?. Once Bob returned to Australia and we deposed these "events" to a court, as for Bob the Fisherman, "things" suddenly went silent. In other words Bob also got "paid off " for his silence (and retraction of his court application), CSA tactic 2,894(B).

Conclusion #2 comes from a re-read of the letter to Tillmanns, where I said:

In our view it is the height of hypocrisy that the Minister for Veteran Affairs is currently on an ambulance chasing vote catching junket to notify black veterans of the Second World War of their (retrospective) rights. That's almost 60 years ago. In our submission there would be much more chance of Percy Trezise finding his elusive Tasmanian Tiger up here than finding one of those black diggers still alive. Yet all roadblocks are being put in our way to tell those fighting in 1999 of their non retrospective rights.

Now I just heard a Radio National AWAYE (indigenous) program about Peter Costello - not the smirking PM in waiting but Uncle Pete from Hopevale, who is the Queensland stolen generation facsimile of WA's Molly in Rabbit-Proof Fence, both of them still alive at 90 or so. I guess you have had the honour of meeting Uncle Pete, Warren. He even had "Veteran Affairs" in WW1 as well as serving in WW2, and I sincerely hope The Veterans Affairs Minister actually found him.

But if I have to wait 60 years for any compensation/reconciliation, I would need to live to 120 years old. I guess that is the idea behind the medal, ie sorry for the inconvenience of drafting you, and here is your reward, but that's all you get (like not even a lousy $32 for a textbook)

So the bottom line is that from my side of fence it is very difficult to get justice for a bloke in the "Femmily Law Courts", but from the PMF side of the fence it is equally important to stop the spread of such bloke friendly precedents I do get.

All I ask is to be allowed to continue working 70 hours per week as a volunteer on a Newstart pittance. Then they can keep the lousy medal, my medals are seeing my winning cases out there for all to see. So in my submission I deserve another chance as for Amanda, albeit that my sin was simply to get a kid out of the Gulag, rather than to add kids (or throw them overboard).

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