PRESS RELEASE 19 Sept 2002 - Howard sends CSA to Iraq

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In a confidential interview with the Divorce Doctor this morning John Howard revealed, on his morning walk, that he was sending specially selected COATs from the CSA to Iraq to take out Sadam.

Howard explained "essentially CSA is a highly trained counter intelligence team, ...errr that means when they speak with intelligent people ... errrr that is, victims, they counter the intelligence with babble, thus forcing the victim into Self Promoted Lack of Living"

"Is that suicide?"

"Errr we prefer to call it SPLOL, these people took out 1,000 dead-beat dads this last year alone, saving us 10 million on the dole, plus another 10 million from their estates as arrears"

"But how will that work on Sadam?"

"Easy, the dads were all more intelligent than Sadam so he will be chicken feed - they'll babble him to death on grounds 1 to 9"

"But do you have White House and UN approval"

"..... Errr don't need it. These COATs don't have any authority to SPLOL dads in Australia either, they just thought it up and did it - what balls!"

"And about Costello for PM ......."

"Well as Mark Lathan suggested, with Sadam under my belt Bush will be licking MY arse - so I could go on forever, even take over the world - can't you keep up with the walk?"

"Thank you Mr Howard (puff!)"

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