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The 35mm slides I took in Europe almost 40 years ago [in 2009] have of course degenerated somewhat. Digital reconditioning can fix most defects but is very time intensive. A new process produces a simulated oil rendition which "paints over" the original in broad brush strokes, thus eliminating scratches, insect marks etc, and at the same time enhancing the colours.

As an added feature a canvas border gives a "painted on" feel.

Please use the menu tags above the album, then click the thumbs either side of the main slide. Each collage has Seven slides, all of which can become the large central slide.

Do not use the central icon as it will only take you back to 21 thumbs. Click one of the 6 thumbs on the sides of the central image, or select a new location.

Austria Austria Tyrol France Alsace, Champagne France Bordaux, Loire France Burgundy France Riviera, Rhone
Germany Bavaria, Allgau Germany Castles Germany Mosel, Rhine Germany North West Germany Romantic Road
Germany Rothenburg Greece, Yugoslavia Italy Italy Venice Norway, Sweden, Holland Spain Switzerland Switzerland Eiger