So this page is about the fact that I am not doing the SNAG thing of nominating a song to be sung at my funeral. For sure if I WAS a SNAG I would surely use the song above [nominated by some 40% of people as their funeral song] of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

Firstly I dont think I will actually HAVE a funeral [if I can help it], and secondly THIS web site virtually IS my funeral message so I would rather do it via a series of 4 movies purpose made, with music as appropriate.

The first clip is a remake of Apocalypse Now startup but I was not able to get Hueys so I made the adjustment.

I then move on to an improved version of Robert Duval [True Grit, Falling Down] as Col Kilgore doing his victory bit. This has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Moving right along to song with big pathos and full organ is the Neil Young classic [here from the Silver & Gold video, live from Austin Texas] "Long May you Run". The lines "rolling down that empty ocean road, getting to the surf on time" must conjure up nostalgia for any red blooded bloke who was a teenager in the 1960s. Please follow me down my own empty ocean road as I hoop and holler my way to the sea.

Once on the beach the Smashing Pumpkins take over with their classic "1979". I pick up here on the words "dune bug skipping like a stone, headlights pointed at the dawn" to express the freedom of an old bloke acting like a teenager again on his own bike. Well maybe I will get up early one day and do that very scene but this is the next best rendition. Then we have the further applicable line about "where my bones will rest, to dust I guess" to top it off. Note the Valentino Rossi salute to end the clip, and chicken dance in the middle.

Finally in never previously released footate is a directors cut from the making of this epic. I am told even Duval botched his lines a few times!!!

This film was produced by me and directed by me and I was the star and the cameraperson and sound recordist and best boy and dolly grip and best grip and had a grip on myself. But most of all there was no domestic violence against any amimals.