This is me, Brian Hogan, at last (ie 2000 as it then was) year's tennis club Xmas party.

It was a fancy dress gig so I came as a cross between an American tourist in Bali, Lleyton Hewitt, and the photo journalist in Apocalypse Now (I have no Jesus type leanings - just demonstrating the quality of the fabric).


Everyone I knew, who is now deaded, said "one day I will write my memoirs" - but not one ever did - they simply got deaded and got forgoted.

I figure the www is the ideal way to leave some trail behind (as long as this lousy ISP keeps in business), so that is the reason for the site.

In the enormity of things (as things go) I am just a regular guy (and because I luuuuves curries I am perhaps more regular than other regular guys) - so if you want to see my "bio" please be my guest and click the picture, or scroll down (I will click YOUR bio too if you ask)

However I have a great deal of "movie" footage which I will be editing and processing for the MAIN purpose of this exercise which is to provide content to my kids on a CD with my Will. Obviously I cant fit all of that on a web site, but also I dont want to have to produce 2 sets of files.

So what I have done is to have a single framework with the movie file option where applicable but NOT download the huge movie files to the web, ie only have them on the CD version. The one exception is the Mr Shit Don't Stink file hereunder, but beware of a 2 Mb file!


To make the maths easy let's anchor this site in the year 2000 (apologies to Silverchair) at which time I was 55. So I was a baby boomer like Clinton but never knew Monica. However, as opposed to Clinton who so far is still married, I became a victim of the family law industry and associated nether folically challenged non hetrosexual females (aka hairy legged lesbians, or HLLs for short) 10 years ago, sharing the fate of 50% of dads in Australia.

In fact the irony (and pain) is that it was my own Buttercup's attempt to do a Monica on the President of the corporation I worked for that ended my professional career, through no fault of my own. Not really sure what happened but the facts are that, just as Monica no longer works in the White House, I no longer work for my corporation.

Therefore my life involves a dichotomy (don't you just love this PC speak) of my life (of Brian) before being wadically wogered by the HLL waskels, and my life (of Brian) after being wogered.



Honest Injun - when I wrote the above and below, although I was a great Monty Python fan, I had somehow not seen the Life of Brian film. In 2003, having bought the DVD, I am a great fan of this epic but wonder if my pose hereabove was NOT simply to show off the fabric but told of Pythonic undertones and overtones. Here is a brief sample of the real thing.


I live, since I turned 53, in God's own country in Cairns, which is in Far North Queensland in Australia.


In keeping with being wadically wogered I help other blokes to avoid being wadically wogered by the nether follically challenged non heterosexual female set.

In fact if you have been, are being, or are possibly about to be wadically wogered then give me a bell and I will try to fit you in for therapy.


Without doubt, having 3 great kids


Without doubt having the nether folically challenged set truncate my association with my 3 kids.


You will all be thinking it is the song above but take a look at Apocalypse Later


I use the expression "heart's ease" a lot in Life of Brian because it is an expression which I feel provides words to the meaning of what our lives are really about (once one has cast away the false Gods of making [and losing] money and power).

I discovered the expression while doing a web site for my son who was about to embark on a trip to Europe, and I was trying to give him some pointers on where to go etc. It was in the segment on Germany, the Rhine Falls, where I was introduced to the expression.

You may wish to have a peek at Mr Shit Don't Stink then use BACK to return here

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In keeping with the normal ways of life I am doing my bio arse about and starting from the present and then going back to the turbid past - so if you bookmark me you can come back (as long as I am not deaded) to see the escalation of the site to wilder type shit and other meaningful writty (apologies to John Lennon).