Chuck Bentley Movies Suggestions

There is a thread at the Movie Maker Forum where Papa John is seeking suggestions [I think] for producing movies by film maker Chuck Bentley on the web [and maybe on "Video IPod" and mobile/cell phones on steroids]. This article concentrates on the web presentation but it would seem that the same deal would work on the IPod, probably scaled down somewhat

My suggestion here is to simply use a standard Blu Plus Plus skin in JAlbum to present the chapters on the Venice movie so, JUST TO SHOW HOW IT MIGHT WORK, I downloaded the "smallest" file [at 20 mb], cut it into 4 scenes and saved at about half the kbps.

There seemed to be some paranoa/misunderstanding re streaming and buffering [isn't there ALWAYS??] so having decided on 400 kbps, I then figured that even slow broadband would handle that SO there was no need to buffer at all. So I made a custom profile with 32 kbps audio [quite adequate] and the rest [ie 368] for the video side, which I made 640 x 480 and because there is no fast action that too worked fine. And as I say I "forced" buffering to 1 sec.

Here is the example, and as Chuck IS a movie Maker I left all the titles etc to him [because he has done them already], but not sure about line on LHS - must be using different aspect ratio.

If this was to be made available on a CD I would save at 1,500 kbps but in same format, so it would look great at full screen on your PC - you can of course double click the web examples but at 400 kbps they will look a bit yukkie

In this case I nominated no slide show in making the album but that could be used for final product [so movies automatically take centre stage one after the other]

And Hey !!! - not one lousy PutTube or UFile logo in the whole deal [OR Billy Browser hanging up waiting for them to load, maybe, if you're lucky, sometimes] - no folks, this is all on YOUR site [mine in this case, but 10 mb wont break the bank], no problemo.

Enjoy, and be sure to press F11 in BillyBrowser to go Full Screen

Venice on Steroids Mockup