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In the years up to 2005 I displayed videos at my own sites [as I am REVERTING to now] but for the 7 years inbetween I gave UTube the benefit of the [great] doubt and uploaded some 130 videos, one of which got some 2 million views AND got UTube/Google zillions in advertising revenue but not ONE CENT to me.

Then when their game got too hot they simply zapped my account, accusing ME of copyright violation. Remember that under the Copyright Act it is THEY who display the video - we only upload them. They KNOW that so hire an army of lawyers to protect themselves, same as the so called I.T.Professionals did in their Y2K Fraud of some $200 Billion.

So I have pronked a new term NukeTube to say please follow this example and stop feeding the sharks.

This is the video that Utube was in fact worried about as it was too close to the truth about the American Govt in the Vietnam War [ie copyright was just a furfie].

Here is what I said about the video at UTube that CAUSED the zapping.

The Vietnam "war" came as the follow on from "The American Inquisition", or McCarthyism, which had run out of steam by 1960.

The hardest part of the Vietnam "war" for the USA Govt was getting out of it or "de-escalating" it as the term went. It was easy to get IN as USA simply dropped Hail Bombs on the Vietnamese and J Doe loved to watch on TV and so loved to VOTE to keep it going, so govt HAD to keep it going as long as they wanted to BE the govt, and ditto for Bush/Iraq.

So it was somewhat Kafkaesque that the govt was forced to USE the same TV/Hollywood to get out, with tail between their legs. But the really nasty aspect of the plan was it had to blame the whole thing on the soldiers and not the govt (the subject of the Rambo movies).

So in 1972 we had the Napalm Girl gig by Hollywood, heavily promoted by govt and given a bogus Pulitzer Prize and a bogus Vietnamese FilmMaker, and J Doe DID swallow it AND spit on the returning soldiers, as planned.

Thankfully FF Cuppola in 1979 had the guts to defy the govt and Hollywood and made Apocalypse Now to lift the lid for anyone that WANTED to look inside, and as seen from this video he went in heavily on the Napalm Girl gig, even doing a cameo appearance as the TV cameraman, mimicking the film crew at the Napalm Girl gig.

But an even more shocking indictment of "American Beauty" now comes to light via the Utube classification of the movie as unsuitable for kiddies.

At the time of the gig it was stated (with tongue in cheek, but not that cheek) that:

'The Vietnam war presented many tough ethical situations. Nick Ut's "Napalm Girl" photograph, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1972, is not only a shocking indictment of America's war effort, it contains full frontal nudity of a minor. The ultimate decision to print the photo on the front page of The New York Times must not have been easy. Editors at The Times chose to sacrifice the girl's privacy, and perhaps to offend their readers in order to present an unflinching picture of the conflict and ultimately to serve the greater good.'

But Washington KNEW the gig HAD to be about voyeurism or J Doe would not even watch it, so a 9 year old girl was deployed, "despite all those J Does ogling her body".

But what UTube has done is turn that all around to say it's OK for grown men to ogle but 9 year old KIDDIES must be protected from seeing another kiddie in the nude.

Or as Hitler said of his own use of such tactics

"It is most fortunate for Governments that the people do not think"

Right On Adolf, Right On”

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