is a template/system to enable you to play webvideo at your own site [or on your own PC or a CD] without needing to use a Third Party [eg UTube].

Each template enables nine different videos to be selected and played in a type of JukeBox. Different templates are provided for different video formats [presently wmv, mp4, mov, swf, flv] and in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

In this way you can simply paste video directly from your camera, cell phone or camcorder without the need to do any edit or conversion, although you can of course edit/enhance your videos if you wish.

To test the operation of the "IFrame Engine" of this system just click on any number below [this is the 4:3 wmv template], or to see the whole system complete with the Top Level Index File, see Full Example [opens in a separate window]

Or to see a full example with customer video added together with the [customised] Top Level Index File, see Variations on an Airstrike [opens in a separate window]. HINT: will not work in FireFox as they are [enemy] wmv files.

You can try out each of the templates in the IFrame on the Right by selecting from the options below

You will see that the type of video determines the "Active X Player" used to play the video. Furthermore, because of the "Toxic Nerdulinity" [to borrow a phrase from The Domestic Violence Industry] of "The I.T. Industry" [see below] all this can change from GUI to GUI, browser to browser [and especially version of browser to new version of same browser], and finally be aware that the whole situation can change day to day [see disclaimer below].

About Webvideo

Unless you have been on Mars [or Venus] for the last 3 years, you will know there has been a War raging for the Big Bucks to be had from a Monopoly of Webvideo. For those who can remember, there was a War in the 1980s between the VHS and Sony-Beta camps to decide which system we would use to watch videos on our TVs.

But the only similarity between the two wars is that in both cases the better system lost. At least Sony put up a battle but no so for Microsoft. Obviously once Google bought UTube, deals were made to divide up the pie and Microsoft agreed to be "a GUI Company" and "de-escalate" all things to do with wmv, MovieMaker etc etc, a system that was technically excellent, well documented, well supported and most of all not hidden in the Toxic Nerdulinity surrounding the "Flash" system adopted by Google/UTube and the "Web Industry" in general.

It seems that the [intentional] confusion this all created even confused the camera manufacturers as they morphed from tape to miniCD to SD with the result that even more file formats have evolved to further confuse the end user, ie J Doe, who simply wants to take a movie of his family to show Aunty Flo on the web.

But surely the most amazing aspect of all this is the total zeal of Microsoft via "Friendly Fire" to shoot down its own system as it backs out of webvideo. What is most obnoxious is that they base their hype on notions of "security" and worse still "privacy" where the ultimate act of Incredulous Juxtapositioning is that IE 8 comes up with Dire Warnings not to open any page with WMPlayer ["because Active X Controls are insecure"], but turns a blind eye to UTube which uses an Active X Control.

To cut a long [and sad] story short, by 2009, 99.999% of all J Does have been convinced that they MUST use UTube if they want to put a video on the web.

... enter

Obviously if one digs deep enough, one can discover just how the Nerds have progressed from the simple "< embed" tag that used to work to the complex method used today to coax J Doe into throwing his hands in the air and resorting to UTube. Secondly, albeit this is more esoteric, one may be able to discover how to ward off the "Active X Policeman".

One could then do a majorly complex tutorial to explain it all, however this one feels that that path would see you terminating your visit here in seach of something easier. For indeed this issue reads like a re-run of the Y2K Heist where the Nerds took us for $200 Billion of Esoteric Nerdific Fixes, all based upon the stated "oversight" by the Nerds "we had no idea 2000 would come after 1999".

So that is what this one has done, ie combine all that webvideo discovery with a custom webalbum and tie the whole template of some 100 files together in an IFrame with a "Home" index file. For you the pain is reduced to zero.

Once you download a template [after checking above that it works for your setup] the installation software will install it onto your C Drive [or somewhere else if you nominate so]. So that you may then use the template multiple times, you would then make a new directory [ie folder] on the C Drive [or wherever] called eg My Dog Fido. Then you would copy the whole template to that directory, paste in up to 9 movies of Fido renamed as movie1.*** to movie9.*** and tell a short story of Fido in the top level Index File [use Notepad (not Wordpad) if you don't have an html editor].

Then FTP the dir My Dog Fido as a whole to your web site.


The templates displayed hereabove and available for download by you have been designed to give you a "web experience" whereby you can hopefully participate in what was initially, in 1995, called "the Free Information Highway", safe from the insidious attacks on your privacy that are a seemingly inseparable part of the landscape in 2009. We have done our best at the time of uploading to provide you with a template that does a Fred & Ginger around this Toxic Nerdulinity. However we can be certain that The Industry will continue to use its mussle power to prevent you from escaping the curse of being financially tied in to their system, a major part of which is webvideo.

In this way we take no responsibility for the fact that templates which work today may not work tomorrow. We will however continue to seek to overcome all these invasions of privacy [Unknown Unknown WMDs?] by diligent surveillance and corrective action if possible.