You are now at the Download page, and here are the facts/options

You can download the wmv 4:3 template free.

You can download the Full Set of Five 4:3 templates for $19.95

You can download the Full Set of Five 16:9 templates for $19.95

Please read this carefully before downloading the Full Sets

You will be downloading the templates NOW, for either option below. That is to say there will NOT be a code etc sent by email, so after you make payment via the PayPal screen you will be taken TO the screen [ie back to THIS site] to DOWNLOAD. So don't simply close your browser or surf elsewhere before you have done the download.

Then AFTER you download/install, come back here and read below


Let's assume you went for the 4:3 package above [but same applies to 16:9] the installation "bouncing ball" would have prompted you to install the files directly on your C Drive by making a new directory [folder] called C:\thedocstube4to3. There is no reason you should not do that as obviously no such directory exists on your PC, but of course it does on ours.

Therefore to do a trial installation on our PC we asked for a new directory called C:\allvideos, and you can see that as the top level directory in the screenshot below

Next step is to elect the video format that works for you [from your previous tests on our Home Page], so in the screenshot we assume flv format.

You would then go to the level indicated by the red arrow and right click to Copy and then right click on C:\ and Paste

So if the videos are to be about your dog, you would then right click on C:\flvmovies4to3 and Change to, eg, My Dog Fido.

Then use a text editor eg Notepad [but NOT Wordpad] or a specific HTML Editor to customise the index page, and finally paste your videos and name them movie1.flv to movie9.flv

If all that works fine on your PC then upload to your website - Easy Peasy!